Monday, May 10, 2010

The Brilliance of Children

My grandchildren awe me. I feel consistently out-shined by their brilliance at times. A few days a week I take care of my grandson. Our mornings are easy together. We visit our games on Facebook, he eats waffles, I eat oatmeal, and sip my morning coffee. As he plays with cars and blocks, I get busy with chores, stopping to answer his questions, and perhaps help him with washing his hands or brushing his teeth.

As I was vacuuming yesterday, he approached me. I turned off the vacuum and said, "What is it, Zane?" He asks: "Meme, can we clean Daddy's room?" Daddy has a closed off porch he retreats to relax in evening. For the most part we leave it untouched for my son-in-law to deal with as far as cleaning and decorating. I was so touched by my grandson's care that his father have a nice room to come home to, that we spent an hour sweeping and dusting. My grandson was present for it for every step of it. His father was so pleased when he came home, my grandson was so pleased that he could do something for his father, and I was so pleased that I could witness this child's generosity. 

Zane turned 4 last November. Sometimes though when I watch him in all his child delight at life, I see this old wizened soul here to teach us all.



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